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France, officially the French Republic, is a country in Western Europe. The capital of France is Paris, which is also the largest city in the country. France is bordered by the following countries Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Andorra, and Monaco. In terms of area, France is the largest country within the European Union and the second largest in terms of population after Germany.

cartes à jouer français - cartes à jouer France

In comparison to German, Swiss, Spanish, or Italian playing cards, French playing cards are the most widespread playing cards in the world due to the geopolitical, commercial, and cultural influence of France. In France they call playing cards cartes à jouer. The French playing cards use the French suits of spades (piques), hearts (cœurs), diamonds (carreaux) and clubs (trèfles). The most popular French card games are Belote, Blackjack, Commerce card game, Manille, Napoleon card game, Piquet, Poker and Vingt-et-Un. But the national card game of France is Belote.

France Cartes Cartamundi
The playing cards in France are for the most part made by the playing card factory of Cartamundi France. In 2014 France Cartes became part of the Cartamundi family. France Cartes Cartamundi specializes in the manufacture of card games like traditional playing cards, promotional and customizable card games, casino playing cards, collectible playing cards, magic cards, and playing card accessories. Grimaud is a very famous playing card brand in France, and are by far the best-selling playing cards in France. The Grimaud playing cards are produced by France Cartes in Saint-Max in France.

Did you know that Grimaud playing cards are one of the oldest brands of playing cards in the world and have always been a success in France due to its excellent quality?