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Romania, or in the Romanian language România, is a country in the southeast of Europe. It borders Bulgaria, Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia, Moldova, and the Black Sea. Romania is a fairly large country with approximately 19 million inhabitants in 2023. The capital and largest city from Romania is Bucharest, followed by Iași, Cluj-Napoca, Timișoara, Constanța, Craiova, Brașov, and Galați. Romania is a member of the United Nations, the European Union, NATO, the Council of Europe, BSEC and WTO. Romania's national currency is the leu and the Euro is not yet used in shops. Around 2026 - 2029 it is expected that the Euro will be the only legal tender in Romania, but that is still uncertain at the moment.

Carti de joc românești - cărți de joc România

In Romania playing cards are called Carti de joc. Playing card games is a real tradition in many Romanian families with the most popular card game being Romanian whist. Other popular card games in Romania are Macau the Romanian version of Crazy Eights, Şaizeci şi şase, and Filicău. In addition to these typical Romanian card games, international card games such as Bridge, Blackjack, Crazy Eights, Poker, and Shuffle are also becoming more and more popular in Romania, especially among young people. In Romania, the following brands are widely sold: Bicycle, Cartamundi, COPAG, Fournier, Piatnik and theory11. All these brands of playing cards are now available in our playing card shop for Romanian card players online at

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