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Italy, officially the Italian Republic, is a county in south-central Europe. The capital of Italy is Rome. Italy borders the following countries France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia and the enclaves within the Italian borders Vatican City and San Marino.

carte da gioco italiane - carte da gioco Italia

Playing cards are called carte da gioco in Italy, and have been in Italy since the late 14th century. Italian playing cards belong to the group of Latin suited cards and are only used in the North of Italy and in parts of Switzerland. In the rest of Italy traditional local variants playing cards with Spanish suits, French suits, or German suits are used. In Italy people play card games with Italian suited cards, these Italian playing cards use Italian suits like swords (Italian: spade), coins (Italian: denari), cups (Italian: coppe), and clubs (Italian: bastoni). Popular Italian card games are Scopa, Briscola, Tressette, Bestia, and Sette e mezzo.

Dal Negro, Modiano and Cartamundi Italy
Three of the largest manufacturers of genuine Italian playing cards are Dal Negro, Modiano, and Cartamundi Italy.

Playing card manufacturer Dal Negro is the oldest playing card company from Italy and has it roots back in 1756, historical documents ascertain the presence of a playing card factory in Treviso, Veneto in northern Italy in Europe. The history of Teodomiro Dal Negro Fabbrica Carte Da Gioco Srl began with the acquisition of an Austrian playing card factory in 1928. In the following decades, Teodomiro Dal Negro and his sons specialised in the production of regional Italian playing cards and 100% plastic poker cards. At this time Dal Negro produces 16 varieties of regional Italian cards as well as playing cards for other countries in the European Union. The combination of tradition and engineering know-how sets Dal Negro apart from other Italian playing card manufacturers.

In Italy playing cards are also made by Modiano, the Italian playing cards since 1868. Modiano Industrie Carte da Gioco ed Affini Spa was founded by Saul Modiano in Trieste, Italy in 1868. This historic Italian company specializes in the production of paper playing cards and 100% plastic playing cards for both casinos, poker rooms and individuals. Today Modiano is a reference brand in the world of playing cards and Modiano playing cards are synonymous with rich Italian heritage, quality, and excellence, mainly due to its rich 150+ year history producing and manufacturing some of the best playing cards in the world. But what you may not know is that Modiano is also one of the leading manufacturers of authentic Italian playing cards.

Cartamundi Italy is a subsidiary of the global Cartamundi company, based in Turnhout in Belgium. This branch in Italy of Cartamundi serves the Italian market and deals with all matters related to Italian cards and Italian card games.

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