COPAG Playing Cards

The history of COPAG is tied to the history of the Brazilian playing card market. Always a pioneer in playing card manufacturing in Brazil, COPAG has more recently grown into one of the key playing card manufacturers worldwide and is a member of the Carta Mundi family.

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COPAG, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2008, actually was founded as Albino Gonçalves e Cia. Importadores in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. The company started as a playing card importer and stationary producer. In 1918, COPAG began to manufacture its own playing cards and changed its name to Companhia Paulista de Papéis e Artes Gráficas (“C.O.P.A.G.”).

Nowadays, COPAG card decks whether paper or 100% plastic are available in five continents and in the most prestigious casinos and poker championships worldwide. At you will find the largest online selection of Copag playing cards in Europe. COPAG cards are one of the best brands of playing cards to play with. COPAG playing cards are made in Brazil and Belgium and are now one of the best-selling 100% plastic playing cards in the European Union.

COPAG plastic playing cards

Today, these COPAG PVC playing cards can be found in the most prestigious casinos and poker tournaments worldwide and COPAG PVC playing cards are very popular with poker players because of their excellent quality. The competitive quality and prices of COPAG plastic playing cards keeps COPAG always one step ahead of its competitors. Most COPAG cards that we sell via the Internet are made of 100% plastic, with the exception of the COPAG 310 decks and the COPAG NEO playing cards. The COPAG 100% plastic playing cards are ideal to use during a game of bridge or a game of poker and guarantee hours of playing card fun!