Want to buy Tally-Ho playing cards? Of course you can order them online at the #1 playing card store in Europe: playingcardshop.eu. This famous playing card brand Tally-Ho was marketed by Andrew Dougherty in 1885, the same year that the Bicycle 808 brand was introduced by the U.S. Playing Card Company.

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The expression "tally-ho" is largely a British expression from the fox hunt, it was called when a hunter has seen a fox.

Magic Playing Cards from Tally-Ho

A high-quality, linoid finish makes these magic playing cards from Tally-Ho the best playing card choice among flourishers and card magicians. A linoid finish adds an extra layer to the Tally-Ho Poker No. 9 playing cards to prevent the playing cards from becoming sticky. The classic Tally-Ho Circle Back and original Tally-Ho Fan Back playing cards designs exude elegance, quality and sophistication. The Tally-Ho No. 9 playing cards are for sale at the #1 playing card shop in the European Union in standard blue or red colors, just like the playing cards from the Bicycle brand. Since 1907 Tally-Ho playing cards have been an U.S. Playing Card Company brand and are still manufactured in the USA.