Patience is, as the name suggests, a game of patience that originated in France and is known all over the world. The card game patience is a fun card game for one person with 52 playing cards. The rules of the patience game are simple. The object of the game of patience is that the player must get rid of the 52 cards.

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The card game patience requires a lot of patience. This is also exactly what this word from the French language means. In Europe this entertaining card game is called patience and in the US or Canada this popular card game is better known as card solitaire or solitaire, in English the game patience is called solitaire.

Patience Playing Cards

Mini playing cards also called patience cards are useful for playing the card game solitaire. The patience card game or solitaire game is played in various variants and forms both with playing cards but nowadays also online on your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. At we have patience playing cards from various brands available, in different sizes that are specially made for patience or solitaire.

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