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Frequently asked questions about discount codes, promotional codes, discounts, coupons and promotional vouchers from

What is a discount code?
A discount code, promotional code, discount voucher or coupon code gives you the opportunity to get extra discount with your order at This promotional code gives you direct advantage on your order in the store. The discounts are based on an item, per category or per order and can range from a percentage, a fixed amount, a free product or even free shipping. This is clearly stated on all discount codes. Please note that each discount code has a limited validity and is subject to conditions which you can read below.

How do I get a discount code from regularly issues discount codes, promotional codes, discount vouchers and coupon discounts. distributes this promotion discounts through traditional channels, so you can find current discount vouchers, coupon promotion codes in for example restaurants, poker rooms, card clubs, casino's and magazines. Regular customers also regularly receive promotional code tickets when ordering. On internet pages such as: playing card websites, promotional pages, cash back sites and shop discount sites you often come across promotional codes of Take advantage of it and order card supplies with high discount in our playing cards web store.

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How can I use a discount code at
If you add an item to your shopping cart, you can enter a valid discount code during checkout. Then choose to appy discount coupon. As soon as the discount code has been accepted, a green bar will appear at the top of the page with the text that the promotional code has been successfully applied, the discount code is then immediately processed automatically by our website. You can now successfully complete your order with a discount at

The discount code does not work!
You will see a red bar at the top of the page with the text this promotional code is not valid, you probably entered the discount code incorrectly, try again, or the promotional code you are using has expired, or it could also be that we currently have no discount promotions running. The discount offers of can only be used in the specified period, so you can no longer use the discount coupon. If one of the above situations is not the case, please contact us, we love to help.

Conditions of discount codes of
The following conditions apply to all discount codes:
- You can use a maximum of 1 discount code per order.
- The promotional codes are not valid on orders already made, you must always enter the promotional code yourself during the ordering process of After you have placed an order, we can no longer process the discount code.
- You cannot pass on the promotional codes by telephone.
- The discount codes are not valid in combination with other promotional actions or advertisements.
- The discount codes cannot be exchanged for cash.

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