In addition to playing a card game with playing cards, playing cards have become a very popular advertising item today. Since the 19th century, promotional playing cards have been widely used by companies, organizations and institutions for various advertising purposes. Playing cards with advertisements have since become a cheap and popular promotional gift to spread your brand or advertising message.

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Many have ever owned a card game from a large brewery, a well-known beer brand, a cigarette brand or from a liqueur producer, the so-called pub playing cards. But nowadays other companies, organizations and institutions also make extensive use of playing cards with advertisements.

Promotional Playing Cards

Card games with advertising are often given away for free by companies as a promotional item. Millions of people of all ages love playing cards. That is why promotional playing cards with a logo on the back are a perfect promotional gift and can be used for various advertising campaigns. Old advertising playing cards are a sought after collector item for playing card collectors from all over the world. In this category with promotional cards you will find themed playing cards of various companies, brands and products.

Promotional Playing Cards & Custom Card Games
Did you know that at we also have a special department for promotional playing cards and custom card games for companies, institutions, card clubs, individuals and associations. If you are interested in having custom playing cards designed very cheaply and provided with your own company logo or if you need advice about custom playing cards, please feel free to contact us via the contact form. Our playing card professionals are happy to tell you more about personalized playing cards and the corresponding possibilities., Europe's largest specialist for personalized playing cards with logo!