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Looking for gaff decks? On this playing cards page you will find all gaff cards, trick decks and gimmick playing cards for amazing playing card tricks. At you will find both special gaffed decks from Bicycle and special magic playing cards from COPAG 310. You will find the widest range of Bicycle gaff decks and COPAG310 magic decks in Europe in our online playing card shop.

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There are different types of magic playing cards or trick decks for sale at such as: Stripper decks, Blank face decks, Blank face back decks, Double blank decks, Double face decks, Double Backer decks, Svengali decks, Marked decks, Invisible decks and standard Gaff decks.

What are gaff decks?

A gaff deck is a deck of cards with customized playing cards that look like normal playing cards and are used in combination with a standard deck playing cards that effortlessly blend into. A gaff deck has the same back as the normal playing cards, but the faces are visually changed. For example, a gaff deck can contain playing cards with a different print such as: blank faces, split face, blank backers, blank playing cards, double-sided gaffed cards, misprinted playing cards, double back cards, reveal cards, coin playing cards, LOVE playing cards, fingerprint playing cards, smoke cards, blurry cards, paw playing cards, QR code playing cards, fusion cards, ESP cards and so on with which you can create your own card tricks. Countless playing card tricks can be invented and done with gaff playing cards.

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