COPAG310 Playing Cards

COPAG 310® introduces the exclusive TRUE LINEN B9 FINISH for supreme handling and the ultimate flourish. Inspired by your card tricks and developed in the pursuit of mastery. Made for players, cardists and magicians.

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For card magic…
COPAG 310 is tailored for magicians and their craft. Besides the standard COPAG310 deck, Cartamundi continues to add new magical members to the COPAG 310 family – so far, ten different trick decks have been released, including a Svengali deck and a Stripper deck, along with the first edition in an ongoing series of COPAG 310 gaff decks. Since the beginning of September 2019, the new COPAG310 special decks are also for sale at, for example: the COPAG310 FACE OFF decks, the COPAG 310 I'M MARKED deck, the COPAG310 BACK ME UP playing cards, the COPAG 310 DOUBLE BACKED deck and the COPAG 310 Together Forever playing cards all printed on the new thinner SlimeLine paper from Cartamundi.

… and for cardistry
The TRUE LINEN B9 FINISH has already made a name for itself in the cardistry community, with expert cardists especially applauding its high durability and amazing handling. For this reason, Cartamundi has now released the COPAG 310 ALPHA, especially developed for cardists and cardistry. With a simple geometric design and borderless, one-way backs and faces, COPAG 310 ALPHA opens up for a multitude of combinations – an ideal companion for cardists in their never-ending journey towards new flourishes and perfect formations.

310 the number
We could state that 310 is bound to 3/10 – October 3rd – which is in fact the very date that TRUE LINEN B9 FINISH went into production for the first time. Others might think that 310 holds a reference to Ancient Greek numerology, while magicians will probably tell you that 310 refers to 31/10, World Magic Day. But what does 310 mean to you? What is your story?