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China officially the People's Republic of China is a country with a very long history, an ancient civilization and culture in East Asia. After Russia, Canada and the Unites States of America, China is the largest country in the world. And with 1.4 billion inhabitants in 2023, China has the second largest population in the world after India. The capital of China in Beijing, other important Chinese metropolis are Dongguan, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Hong Kong one of the most important trading cities of East Asia, Macau the gambling capital of the world, Shenzhen and with 23 million inhabitants Shanghai is the largest city in China. China's neighboring countries include the following countries Afghanistan, Bhutan, Burma, India, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Mongolia, Nepal, North Korea, Pakistan, South Korea, Russia, Tajikistan, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

中國撲克牌 - playing cards China

Playing cards were most likely invented in China to entertain the Chinese emperor during the Southern Song dynasty in the twelfth century. But other countries such as Egypt, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain claim to be the inventors of playing cards. Many western scholars attribute to the Chinese the invention of playing cards.

Made in China, Chinese Playing Card Manufacturers & Suppliers
Today, many playing cards and cards for card games are produced in one of the numerous modern playing card factories in China, they manufacture both cardboard cards and 100% plastic playing cards. Probably the largest number of playing cards in the world are made in China by one of the Chinese playing card manufacturers and suppliers.

The Bocopo Playing Card Company with headquarters in Beijing, China is known worldwide for its beautiful quality design playing cards, often made in collaboration with USPCC. More and more good playing card designers like Xiaoshuai, the famous Chinese cartoonist, designer for the Bacon Playing Card Company, and magician are coming from China and are nowadays very popular and his work is loved worldwide.

China Playing Cards
Playing cards from China are often a lot cheaper than cards made in Europe or the US, this has to do with the numbers with which they produce the playing cards in China, labor cost, energy costs, environmental surcharges, quality control, playing card material used and the requirements they set for the playing cards in the east. The quality and finish of Chinese playing cards is generally inferior to the renowned American or European playing cards made by companies such as the United States Playing Card Company in the USA, ASS Altenburger in Germany, Cartamundi in Belgium, Fournier in Spain, Modiano in Italy, or Piatnik in Austria.

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