Hro Hybrid Trading Cards

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Enter the Hro community, only accessible via the unique Hro hybrid NFT trading cards. Utilizing blockchain technology, each physical trading card is unique and unlocks a digital NFT twin so you have 24/7 access to your Hro collection – allowing you to buy, sell, trade, and compete with a global community of fans.

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Officially Licensed Hybrid NFT Trading Cards - Hro

Hro bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds with hybrid trading cards. Each physical trading card contains an unique QR code that, when scanned, unlocks a 1:1 digital twin on Immutable X, an Ethereum-based carbon-neutral Layer2 blockchain. Your digital twin also provides proof go authenticity and ownership backed up by the trust and security of that same blockchain technology.

What is Hro?
Hro is a new, breakthrough hybrid platform for physical and digital fan engagement. With Hro's hybrid NFT trading cards, fans can explore a whole new way to express their fandom. Hro gives fans the opportunity to own a physical trading card with an NFT component, bringing blockchain technology together with physical in-store presence for the first time. The Hro platform gives buyers access to a 24/7 global marketplace to buy, sell, and trade their way to a complete collection. With Hro, Cartamundi Entertainment brings a new dimension to fandom in sports, esports, movies, music, and comics.

What are Hro hybrid NFT trading cards?
Hro cards are collectible trading cards from Cartamundi Entertainment and use blockchain and NFT technology. With Hro hybrid NFT trading cards, fans can explore a whole new way to express their fandom. Hro Hybrid NFT trading cards are the first fully hybrid trading cards in the world, boasting both the sensorial experience of physical collectibles and the exciting new technology of non-fungible tokens (NFT).

How does Hro work?
Each card is equipped with a unique QR code that links the physical card to the digital twin in the Hro app, which is validated and supported by the security of Ethereum blockchain technology. Once connected, the Hro app gives fans access to a global marketplace where you can buy, sell and trade Hro collectible trading cards at any time. The Hro mobile app can be downloaded in all European countries through Google Play and IOS App Store.

What is the quality of the Hro trading cards?
Cartamundi Entertainment, headquartered in Belgium in the EU, has decades of experience in the trading card industry. Every Hro card includes a unique mint number corresponding to the order in which it was created. Different sets within the collection will have varying mint numbers. Through Cartamundi’s innovations in digital printing, the Hro trading cards are exquisitely executed, making the hi-res artwork shine. In addition to their own Hro trading cards, the collectible trading card factory of Cartamundi in Turnhout in Belgium also produces trading cards for Disney Lorcana, Magic the Gathering, Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh, among others.

What countries is Hro available in?
The Hro platform and the Hro hybrid NFT trading cards will be available in the European Union, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Brazil and India. And Hro plans to expand in additional countries.

Where can I buy Hro cards in Europe?
In the EU, the physical Hro cards can be purchased in our online Hro shop at and the digital-only Hro cards can be obtained in the Hro app via mobile or browser. is Europe’s favorite Hro store. In our online collectible specialty store you will find all Hro playing cards that are currently available. And as soon as new Hro hybrid NFT trading cards come onto the market, you will always find them first in our Hro store so that you can always order the latest new Hro cards online to expand your Hro trading card collection and keep it up to date. Buy Hro cards now very cheaply and quickly in our Hro shop.

When are Hro trading cards available in the EU?
Trading cards fans in the the European Union can get the physical hybrid NFT trading cards from Hro from chapter 4 delivered by from October 20, 2023. But you can now make a purchase in advance during the Hro pre-sale at