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The Netherlands is one of the countries within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, together with the Caribbean Netherlands, consisting of Bonaire Sint Eustatius and Saba. The majority of the Netherlands is located in northwestern Europe and is informally often called Holland. The capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam and the most populous city of the country. The European Netherlands is bordered by Belgium, Germany and with maritime borders in the North Sea with the United Kingdom. The Netherlands has been a member of the European Union since the establishment of the EU, but it is also one of the three members of the Benelux, a regional intergovernmental cooperation between Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg and since 2012 officially the Benelux Union.

Nederlandse speelkaarten - speelkaarten Nederland

Since the 14th century playing cards have been known in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, most of the playing cards were imported from Belgium or France. But during the 17th century, the Dutch Golden Age, Holland and especially Amsterdam witnessed a great boom in the manufacture of playing cards by Dutch playing card makers. In the Netherlands, the traditional Dutch pattern is traditional, with typical scenic cityscapes of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Maastricht and Sneek on the aces. Dutch playing cards have a unique patterns and also usually have 4 indexes in all corners of the cards. Popular card games in Holland are bridge, harten jagen, klaverjassen, pesten, poker, rikken, and toepen.

Dutch Playing Card Factory
In Dutch, playing cards are called speelkaarten. The Nederlandsche Speelkaartenfabriek (NSF) was founded in Amsterdam in 1909 and in 1912 the name was changed to Speelkaarten-Fabriek Nederland (SN). The playing card manufacturers from Turnhout in Belgium, Brepols, Biermans and Van Genechten merged in one large combination in 1970, this merger led to the creation of Carta Mundi. In 1970, N.V. Van Genechten turned out to be most interested in the takeover of the Dutch Playing Cards Factory based in Holland, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Carta Mundi receives the current customer base, commercial information, trade relations and existing films for the production of Holland playing cards. The end of the Speelkaartenfabriek Nederland was a fact. Nowadays Cartamundi is entitled to use the name "Speelkaartenfabriek Nederland" and all the typical Dutch playing card patterns from the Dutch playing card factory.

Dutch playing cards made in India
Today, real Holland playing cards with Dutch faces by the playing card brand Joker from Cartamundi are made in India. You can order these typical Dutch playing cards made of cardboard, the Joker Bridge Playing Cards Blue, now online at

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