In addition to traditional card games such as poker cards and bridge cards, Cartamundi introduced the exclusive COPAG 310 magic cards in 2018. Now available at as standard playing cards, in a gaff deck, a cardistry card game, a stripper deck, as Svengali playing cards, blank face cards, as blank back deck, a double backer deck, or as marked playing cards.

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COPAG is the Brazilian subsidiary of the Cartamundi Group, the playing card maker from Turnhout in Belgium. Whether you are a card player, cardist or magician, the COPAG 310 playing cards give you magical powers and provide a unique playing experience thanks to the exclusive TRUE LINEN B9 FINISH and the thoughtful, classic-modern design of these COPAG 310 cards.

COPAG 310 Magic Cards

We can say that 310 is tied to 3/10, October 3. The first time these true linen B9 finish playing cards went into production. Some will think 310 is a reference to ancient Greek numerology. Magicians might tell you that 310 refers to 31/10, World Magic Day. But what does 310 mean to you? What is your story?

If you are a card magician, you will get off to a flying start with the magic cards from COPAG and Cartamundi. You can buy these COPAG magic cards very easily and quickly in our online magic shop at The COPAG310 magic playing cards have been specially developed to perform professional magic tricks. Order these magic cards online in the magic shop of and try the COPAG 310 playing cards from Cartamundi now and feel the difference.