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Do you want to buy cheap playing cards per brick? Then buy card bricks in bulk at playingcardshop.eu. If you really want to buy the cheapest COPAG cards or Bicycle cards, then a playing card brick from one of these brands is definitely something for you! We always sell these playing card bricks very cheaply and with high discounts. In our playing card shop you can buy bricks at a fraction of the cost of a toy store or a magic shop. You can find the cheapest COPAG and Bicycle playing cards via the Internet at playingcardshop.eu.

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Buy a brick of playing card

With full boxes of playing cards you ensure that you always have enough playing cards at home and then you will never be without new playing cards during your card evening, poker game or game night. At the moment you can find various brick boxes from COPAG and Bicycle playing cards bricks for sale at our online playing card shop.

How many decks of playing cards are there in a brick?
In a brick of cards are 12 decks of playing cards, 6 red and 6 blue packs of playing cards. The 12 packs playing cards are perfect for large consumers such as: bridge clubs, bars, casinos, card magicians, playing card associations, poker rooms, pubs, and retirement homes.

Di you want to buy cheap Bicycle cards and COPAG playing cards?
The legendary Bicycle Rider Back playing cards and the 100% plastic COPAG poker size playing cards are now very affordable in bulk and directly available from our own stock from our warehouse in the Netherlands. You can order the best bricks of cards quickly and easily at playingcardshop.eu. A brick of 12 decks of playing cards ordered on weekdays before 4:30 PM will be shipped the same day!