Dan and Dave

Dan and Dave Industries, Inc. was founded in 2001 by Daniel and David Buck and has since grown from a brand that only had a small selection of VHS tapes in its range to one of the top suppliers of advanced magic and luxury playing cards. The twins Dan and Dave Buck are hugely successful producers of designer playing cards, called Art of Play playing cards.

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Their playing cards company “The D&D Playing Card Company” is based in Los Angeles, California in the United States of America. Dan and Dave's interest in cards started at an early age when they performed card tricks and pioneered the art of cardistry. Dan and Dave have a background in magic, sleight of hand, and illusions.

Luxury Playing Cards

Dan and Dave's luxury playing cards are high quality playing cards and are one of the best playing cards in the world. These American playing cards are fine playing cards for men with beautiful artwork, award-winning designs and luxury packaging. Discover our collection of quality games from The D&D Playing Card Co, a collection of the absolute most luxurious playing cards in the world. The playing card brand Dan and Dave focuses on a timeless aesthetic for those who are young at heart and rich in thought.

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