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Belgium, officially the Kingdom of Belgium, is a Western European country. The most important city in Belgium is Brussels, it is the capital of the country and also the administrative center of the European Union and NATO. Belgium also participates in the Benelux, a regional intergovernmental cooperation between Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg and since 2012 officially the Benelux Union. Belgium is bordered by the following countries The Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, and France.

Belgische speelkaarten - cartes à jouer belges - speelkaarten België - cartes à jouer Belgique

In Belgium playing cards are called speelkaarten in Dutch and cartes à jouer in the French-speaking part of Belgium. Cartamundi's head office is located in Turnhout in Belgium, the largest manufacturer of playing cards in the whole world. The playing card factories of Cartamundi have been making playing cards for the whole world since 1765. The Belgian playing cards made by Cartamundi are known worldwide for their good price/quality ratio, innovation, professionalism and beautiful designs. Cartamundi has factories all over the world where, among other things, playing cards of brands such as: Cartamundi, COPAG, Bicycle, Fournier and Tally-Ho are produced. If you want real playing cards from Belgium, take a look around in our shop, we send the best Belgian playing cards throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

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