Since 2012, simplicity and elegance have defined the NOC playing card series. Bold, simple and elegant! Whether you like playing poker, card tricks, cardistry or collecting playing cards, the NOC decks always come in handy. The NOCs have proven to be a top choice for card players, magicians, cardists, card collectors and lovers of simple playing cards. Whatever your preference, NOC cards are the answer.

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House of Playing Cards: Playing Cards for Magic and Cardistry

At NOC playing cards they love custom playing card decks for card magic, cardistry or for collecting. NOC's quality playing cards are a playing cards brand owned by Alex Pandrea, owner of The Blue Crown Group, LLC and House of Playing Cards. For the production of the playing cards they work together at NOC playing cards with these two card manufacturers: USPCC from the USA and The Expert Playing Card Company, LCC from Taipei in Taiwan.

Check out the NOC playing cards bestsellers such as the Super NOC playing cards 1st Edition, Super NOC V2 BATNOCs Playing Cards, NOC turn Playing Cards and the limited edition of the Shin Lim Playing Cards NOC.