Dal Negro Playing Cards

Dal Negro, real Italian playing cards: history, innovation, modernity but always with an eye on tradition. The history of the Dal Negro company began in Treviso in Italy in Europe in 1928 with the acquisition of an Austrian playing card factory. Today this historic Italian playing card brand Teodomiro Dal Negro Fabbrica Carte Da Gioco Srl is one of the oldest playing card companies in Italy.

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The Italian playing card manufacturer Dal Negro is still managed by the heirs of the family of origin. The production tradition of playing cards of the now famous dynasty that has linked its name to playing cards has its roots in the eighteenth century. Currently, the Italian playing card factory Dal Negro from Carbonera Treviso in Italy produces 16 types of regional Italian cards as well as playing cards for other countries in the Europe Union.

Dal Negro Carta da Gioco

Nowadays Dal Negro carta da gioco are one of the most sold PVC playing cards in Italy in the European Union, they are supplied to poker clubs, casinos, card associations and private card players. Also in many other countries of the EU the 100% PVC playing cards from Dal Negro are becoming increasingly popular among amateurs, occasional card players, children and adults. Dal Negro’s mission has also become their motto “life is… play”.

Life is a game, play safe and responsibly!
Started in 2020 to protect the game, #PLAYSAFE sanitising technology is introduced to all playing card decks from Dal Negro. Teodomiro Dal Negro, through its R&D team, has developed and applied to the new production of playing cards, both in cardboard and PVC, an innovative sanitising technology, the effectiveness of which has been validated by independent laboratories with tests that have shown the “reduction of viral and bacterial content over time”. The application of these antibacterial and non-toxic paint reduces the build-up of bacteria, allowing you to play safely.

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