Piquet Playing Cards French-Suit Red (32 Cards)

Piquet is the most popular card game in France using a shortened pack of 32 cards (from Ace to 7). Also in Brussels in Belgium the French card game piquet is played a lot.

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Piquet Playing Cards French-Suit Red (32 Cards)

This deck with piquet cards consists of a total of 32 French cards in one deck of playing cards, the name comes from the French card game piquet. Piquet is a card game for two players, with a deck of 32 playing cards. The French piquet pack comprises the 7s through to 10s, the face cards, and the aces in each suit. Until the early twentieth century, piquet was perhaps the most played card game in France, but today is still a very popular card game in both France and Belgium, the card game piquet is especially popular in the Belgian region of Brussels. French-suited cards are playing cards that use the French suits of cœurs (hearts ), piques (spades ♠), carreaux (diamonds ) and trèfles (clubs ♣).

These piquet playing cards French-suit have 32 cardboard playing cards in bridge size (57 mm x 88 mm) with French faces made by Cartamundi in Belgium in the European Union. This picket pack has the following French cards 7, 8, 9, 10, V (Jack or Valet), D (Queen or Dame), R (King or Roi) and the 1 (Ace or As) + 1 Joker. The playing cards lower than 7 are therefore not included in this picket card game from Cartamundi. These French suited piquet cards (Piquet jeu de cartes) from Cartamundi are not delivered in a tuckbox, but are only packed in cellophane.

Cartes à jouer Piquet
Cartamundi since 1765
Fabriqué en Belgique dans l'UE

More Information
Brand Cartamundi
Number of cards 32 cards
Number of Jokers 1 Joker
Size playing cards Bridge size (57 x 89 mm)
Index playing cards French Pattern
Available colours Red
Material playing cards Cardstock Cards
Packing playing cards Cello wrap
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