Bicycle Series 1900 Playing Cards Blue

Another wonderful collaboration between the Ellusionist Playing Card Company and the United States Playing Card Company.

The faultless follow-up to the ever popular 1800s deck, the 1900s deck is full of secrets and history. Available in blue Bicycle Rider Back only, you'll quickly understand why these cards set the new standard when you start using them yourself.

Order these Ellusionist playing cards today at and grab a piece of history!

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Bicycle Series 1900 Playing Cards Blue

What would a deck of cards look like if it survived over a century? Two world wars, nineteen presidents, the Titanic’s maiden voyage, man’s first steps on the moon, McDonald’s selling its first burger, new Coke, Woodstock, and countless other historic events. The Bicycle 1900s Deck looks like it’s been weathered and abused, exposed to the elements, left to experience every second for over a hundred years. But these Bicycle cards are an illusion in themselves, because they may look very old, but they handle superbly. You have to keep telling yourself, this is a new deck of cards.

Marking System of Bicycle 1900 Deck
Lying within the wear and tear of the 1900s, is a marking system that is practically invisible to the untrained eye. Only those who know the secret to this deck can unlock the markings on the back of the cards. The Bicycle Series 1900 playing cards blue are marked playing cards, at the top of this Bicycle series 1900 deck the dark spots indicate the card symbol and the white scratches indicate the value of the playing cards.

The Bicycle Series 1900 Playing Cards Blue are marked cards and have 56 poker size playing cards including 2 Jokers + 1 double backer gaff card and 1 advertising card from the Bicycle Black Ghost Legacy Edition. The design of these Rider Back 1900 series playing cards is made by the Ellusionist Playing Cards Co. and these playing cards are made by USPCC on classic crushed stock.

Bicycle Marked Playing Cards 1900 Series
The Ellusionist Playing Cards Company
© 2019 The United States Playing Card Company
Made in USA

More Information
Brand Bicycle
Number of cards 56 cards
Number of Jokers 2 Jokers
Size playing cards Poker size (63 x 88 mm)
Index playing cards Marked Cards
Available colours Blue
Material playing cards Crushed Stock
Packing playing cards Cardboard tuckbox
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