Classic Firearms Playing Cards Piatnik

These Classic Firearms playing cards Piatnik have photos, posters and vintage magazine covers of various firearms.

Unique collectors playing cards made by Piatnik in Austria, Vienna.

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Classic Firearms Playing Cards Piatnik

The Piatnik playing cards factory has been making high quality playing cards in Vienna in Austria since 1824. Classic Firearms playing cards from Waterloo tot the present on every playing card. Iconic weapons in brilliant photos, posters and vintage magazine covers - many shown in action with fighting men and women. This original presentation celebrates the art of the gunsmith. These Piatnik Firearms playing cards contain images of firearms such as: a Beretta submachine gun, a Bren Gun, a Browning machine gun, a Colt pistol, a Panzerfaust anti-tank weapon, a riot gun, a Spanish Mauser, a Smith & Wesson revolver, a Stengun pistol machine gun, a Thompson submachine gun also called Tommygun, a Vickers machine gun and a Winchester shotgun.

These Classic Firearms playing cards Piatnik have 54 cardboard poker size playing cards including 2 Jokers.

Classic Firearms Playing Cards
© Wiener Spielkartenfabrik Ferd. Piatnik & Sons
Piatnik Playing Cards since 1824
Piatnik No. 1698
Made in Austria

More Information
Brand Piatnik
Number of cards 55 cards
Number of Jokers 2 Jokers
Size playing cards Poker size (63 x 88 mm)
Index playing cards Standard Index 2 Pips
Available colours Various colours
Material playing cards Cardstock Cards
Packing playing cards Cardboard tuckbox
EAN code 9001890169816
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