Memento Mori Blue Playing Cards

Memento Mori blue playing cards, created after the original Memento Mori deck by Chris Ramsay, it is a design reminding us to create, to imagine, and to live.

Time is the most precious gift. It lets us imagine, and drives us to create.

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Memento Mori Blue Playing Cards

The Memento Mori Blue playing cards are a celebration of life, a sign of what inspires us, and a constant reminder that our time here is fleeting. It is a symbol of our eternal defiance against our own impermanence. It is a design reminding us to create, to imagine, and to live.The low-poly design is simple and post-modern. Yet, beneath the clean veneer of elementary shapes, lies a complex shading arrangement meant to breathe life and dimensionality into an otherwise flat image. The prevailing blue hue throughout each custom card embodies man's ubiquitous reflection on mortality. This marvelous deck of playing cards from Chris Ramsay allows you to make a statement.

Many historians believe that playing cards represented a deeper, esoteric meaning, that each suit was one of the four seasons. Each card within a suit was one of the thirteen phases of the moon. The fifty-two cards in a deck would represent fifty-two weeks of the year and together, this would represent just one year of your life. Create, imagine, inspire... Memento Mori

Chris Ramsay
Born in Germany and currently living in Montreal, Canada. Chris Ramsay is a professional magician and full-time Youtuber who regularly uploads videos, vlogs and tutorials on Magic, Street Magic and Cardistry. Specializing in deceptive practices, this magician has a keen eye for incredible visual aesthetics. Chris Ramsey has a large online presence on youtube, instagram, facebook and twitter with an exponentially growing number of followers from all over the world.

The blue Memento Mori playing card have a poker size and contain two Jokers and two gaff cards namely: one blank and one double backer card. This Memento Mori deck is printed by the United States Playing Card Company on cardboard and finished with an Air-Cushion Finish.

Memento Mori Blue Playing Cards by Chris Ramsay
Murphy’s Magic Supplies, Inc.
The United States Playing Card Company
Made in USA

More Information
Brand Murphy’s Magic
Number of cards 56 cards
Number of Jokers 2 Jokers
Size playing cards Poker size (63 x 88 mm)
Index playing cards Special Index
Available colours Blue
Material playing cards Cardstock Cards
Packing playing cards Cardboard tuckbox
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