Maverick Playing Cards

The meaning maverick according to the Cambridge Dictionary is a person who thinks and acts in an independent way, often behaving differently from the expected or usual way. Maverick is originally an American playing card and poker brand, but since 2022 you can also buy Maverick playing cards and Maverick poker sets in Europe.

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Maverick was Hoyle's budget brand when it was acquired by The United States Playing Card Company with the rest of Hoyle Products in 2001. Maverick was introduced in 1959, during the run of the popular Maverick TV series. Maverick a registered trademark of The United States Playing Card Company, since 2019 a subsidiary of Cartamundi headquartered in Belgium in the European Union.

Maverick Cards and Maverick Poker Products

Unlike most USPCC current product lines, Maverick is now being produced by third-party manufacturers primarily in East Asia, specifically China and Taiwan. Nowadays you can find both Maverick playing cards and Maverick poker products in in brick-and-mortar retail stores and online on platforms and in our webshop Discover the full range of Maverick products for your favorite card game now in our online Maverick shop.