Waterproof Playing Cards Hoyle

HOYLE water resistant playing cards are handy cards to take with you on vacation and the perfect playing cards for children.

The waterproof playing cards Hoyle are transparent playing cards that are 100% water resistant. Play a game of cards outdoors without any worries!

Buy your waterproof transparent playing cards from HOYLE now online at playingcardshop.eu.

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Waterproof Playing Cards Hoyle

Outdoor lovers will instantly fall in love with this unique deck of cards! Hoyle brand waterproof playing cards are ultra-durable, waterproof, and make any game more fun by being clear. Perfect for the beach, pool or camping, these cards are well-suited for almost any wet or humid situation. Hoyle waterproof playing cards were designed and constructed for card players of all ages who want durable, waterproof playing cards for their gaming needs. Way beyond typical all-plastic playing cards, they’re washable, flexible, easy to shuffle, and packaged in a clear reusable plastic case.

Transparent playing cards? Sounds like seeing another player's card hand should be easy, right? But these HOYLE playing cards are cleverly designed, so the number and picture of each card are in opaque areas on the edges and in the center. The fonts and card symbols are large and easy to read.

- A unique durable finish resists scratches and wear.
- Can withstand water, sand, mud, barbecue sauce, salad dressing, you name it.
- Just wipe them clean and they are good to go.
- The deck contains a sturdy, transparent box to take with you on a trip. Take your card deck with you on vacation!

ATTENTION! Do not use these waterproof Hoyle playing cards in extreme temperatures, hot sun or warm playing areas can best be avoided. These Hoyle playing cards are not suitable for use in jacuzzi, hot tubs, saunas or spas.

Hoyle® Waterproof Clear Playing Cards
© 2019 The United States Playing Card Company
Made in Taiwan

More Information
Brand Hoyle
Number of cards 54 cards
Number of Jokers 2 Jokers
Size playing cards Poker size (63 x 88 mm)
Index playing cards Special Index
Available colours Transparent
Material playing cards 100% Plastic Cards
Packing playing cards Plastic box
EAN code 0073854112946
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