Trump Indicator

This trump indicator is a great addition for your next card night! With this 6-sided trump indicator dice you will never forget which suit is trump during game night with friends at home.

Dice made for Belote, Bridge, Euchre, Klaberjass, Pinochle, Pitch, 500 and other popular card games.

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Trump Indicator

This 6-sided trump indicator is made of white plastic and on the die the 4 card symbols: spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs are printed in color. The other 2 sides on the dice are completely blank. A trump dice is used by avid card players during various card games like Belote, Bridge, Euchre, Klaberjass, Pinochle, Pitch and Five Hundred. This so-called trump indicator determines which suit is trump during different card games. The size of this plastic trump indicator dice is 16 mm.

Features Trump Indicator:
- Type of dice: Trump indicator for card games with card symbols.
- Number of sides dice: 6-sided dice.
- Imprint dice: 4 card symbols and 2 sides blank.
- Dice size: 16 mm.
- Dice material: Plastic die.
- Age: Not suitable for children under 6 years old.
- Extra: Perfectly suited for various trick-taking card games.

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