Disney Animals 4 in 1 Playing Card Games

Play Happy Families, Action game, Pairs and Snap with your favourite Disney Animals characters.

The Disney Animal 4 in 1 playing card games are now online available at playing card shop.

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Disney Animals 4 in 1 Card Games

In this Disney Animals card game you will find the best Disney animals. These are our all-time favorite Disney Animals. With this Disney playing card deck you can play a game of cards with your favorite Disney characters from Disney The Jungle Book, Disney Bambi, Disney Dumbo, Disney The Aristocats, Disney 101 Dalmatians, Disney The Lion King, and Disney Lady and the Tramp.

4 in 1 Shuffle Playing Card Games
The 4 in 1 Shuffle playing card games from CartamundiCards bring a simple deck of cards into a whole other dimension. The 4 in 1 card games will certainly ring a bell, bringing well known gameplays into your living room. Therefore Cartamundi has obtained the best licensed playing cards. Furthermore each deck of cards can bring hours of joy as you can play up to four different card games with them. With Happy Families, Action game, Pairs and Snap you’ll never have a lack of alternatives.

Disney Animals 4 in 1 Playing Card Games:
- Number of players: Suitable for 2 or more players.
- Suggested Age: 4+
- Playing Time: 10 minutes.
- Content: 32 Disney Animals playing cards.
- Including: Video game rules of 4 different card games (Snap, Pairs, Action Game, Happy Families) online available.
- Additional: Four exciting card games can be played with the Disney playing card set: Happy Families, Action Game, Pairs and Snap.

Disney Animals 4 in 1 Card Games
The Walt Disney Company, ©Disney
Cartamundi since 1765
Made in EU

More Information
Brand Shuffle
Number of cards 32 cards
Number of Jokers No Jokers
Size playing cards Happy Families size (66 x 100 mm)
Index playing cards Kwartet
Available colours Blue
Material playing cards Cardstock Cards
Packing playing cards Cardboard tuckbox
EAN code 5411068841880
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