COPAG Poker Size Cut Card Green

This plastic cut card measuring 63 mm x 88 mm. The COPAG poker size cut card green can be used for cutting cards, as an indicator of where to reshuffle the Blackjack shoe and as a position in Poker to cover the bottom card when dealing takes place.

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COPAG Poker Size Cut Card Green

Exposing the bottom card of a deck playing cards is a common mistake made by dealers during home games. For this reason, you should a cut card which is placed under the bottom of the deck to prevent the bottom card from being seen. Cut cards are always used in Casino's and Poker Rooms for Blackjack, Punto Banco and Poker.

Shuffle Up and Deal!
The common practice when using a cut card is to place the cut card on the card table next to the recently shuffled deck of cards. The player who cuts the cards places a stack of cards from the full deck on top of the cut card. The dealer then places the remainder of the deck on top of the cards that have been cut and begins to deal.

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